ECC “SOKOLNIKI”, Moscow, 27 - 28.03. 2014
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On 27-28 March "Sokolniki" hosted II Russian Mobile Application & Technology Expo (MATE), dedicated to business in mobile networks. Over two thousand experts attended the exhibition, and they have mentioned huge increase in mobile application industry in Russia since the last meeting.

"We are proud of how MATE has grown over the past year, the exposition now features foreign participants, we have prepared expanded program of conferences on Mobile, added new sections, invited the best speakers.

We are pleased to acknowledge that today MATE Expo is a platform to showcase the latest trends in Mobile (mobile applications for robots and 3D printers, applications using augmented reality technology, mobile video, variety of gadgets and wearable devices etc.).

Companies now have new niche, new formed army of customers. To tell how to use innovative trends in business and marketing, we have organized special section of the conference dedicated to AR-technologies, a separate test platform, included a lot of participants into the program. Industry leaders took part in the show, namely  AR point, AR Friendly, Spider Groupe, PlayDisplay, EligоVision, Byuro pirogova etc. We are the first to talk about this in Russia," Miroslava Kostyra, exhibition coordinator, said.



There was a BUSINESS TOUR that preceded MATE opening; participants of the tour studied Russian market of social media, augmented reality technology and mobile, visiting the offices of major IT-companies and digital-agencies.

This year EXHIBITION EXPOSITION featured 50 companies, among them: My-Apps, Smaato, Mobio, Spider Group,, ARpoint, Madnet, Nanokristall, Arealidea, Doctor Finder, Hbb, ARtematic, Hi-Fun, IMSCO , ARfriendly, iVengo, Clickky Family, Maximumsoft, King Bird Studio, Antalika, Medgatgets, «SimbirSoft», Softline, MobiAds, InstaBox, Antalika, PlayDisplay, Live pay, bacca, Digital Technologies, Promt, ARtematic etc.


As part of large educational program of MATE, "Sokolniki" hosted CONFERENCE that presented 25 reports in the following sections:

• MOBILE`14: tendencies and trends;
• M`commerce;
• Promotion or how to get to TOP-10 in "App Store";
• Mobile for Business;
• Investments and law;
• Mobile TV;
• Mobile apps development;
• Mobile advertising;
• Geo-service.

MATE Conference coordinators were true stars of mobile industry: author of popular IT-blog about Apple and mobile technologies Alex Patsai, CEO and founder of Essential Commerce - Arkadiy Sandler, head of Product Development at WapStart - Herman Tsarev and Head of Mobile Marketing at Articul Media - Michael Tsuprikov.

Participants of educational seminars also took active part in round table discussion in sections «MOBILE`14: tendencies and trends" and "Mobile advertising".

AUGMENTED REALITY HALL "ERA OF AR" featured reports by Mikael Arutyunyan of Pirogov Bureau,Sergei Solyanik of Spider Group, Alexey Lisovitskiy (, Olga Solovyova (ArPoint). Valeria Kholodkova (EligoVision) presented innovative development for children - interactive cubes that "come alive"; Eugeniya Soboleva (PlayDisplay) spoke about joint project (of company she represented and "Skolkovo"), which is based on technology that allows fast and easy display of interactive in any room. And Irina Poltavets of In&Out media presented AR application "Masha in the city".

In 2014 over 30 promising startups took part for fast "business meetings" with investors - SPEED DEALING.

They had meetings with famous "sharks" of venture business: Peter Zhegin (ABRT Venture Fund), Lyudmila Golubkova and Sergei Vasiliev (Starta Capital), Vladimir Grigorashenok (Guard Capital), Arseny Dabbakh (Rye, Man & Gor securities), Nikita Rogozin (Softline Venture Partners), Olga Titova (ru-Net), Kyril Yanovskiy (ACCELERUSSIA), Maxim Chebotarev and Igor Yarunov (FRII), Alex Reimany and Alexander Petrakovskiy (EDevelopment).

Among the proposals for investments the following projects have been named the most interesting: Omega R, Click Out, «Wannawash», Life event, News wired, Doha Poker,,, Double way, «Bazium», PRO-market.

"On the first day for 4 hours we listened to representatives of about 20 projects. It was really good that I was taking part not alone - Sergei Vasiliev accompanied me. Three projects seemed really interesting, and one - can be even worldwide. We are grateful to organizers - Smile Expo - for pre-selection," Lyudmila Golubkova told reporters on the outcome of the meetings.

For two days at PRESENTATION PLATFORM visitors were demonstrated latest scientific achievements and scientific developments in new communication environment Augmented Reality: much talked about Google Glass, iWatch, virtual fitting room for clothing stores, robot-assistant Cubic Robotics with the ability to connect and control system "smart hom " and much more.


"Our Cubic Robotics is a personal robot that has his own personality and can speak. It has a very large range of actions; robot can control electronic components or as Wikipedia - give any definition. For example, you may ask, when Pushkin was born, whether it will rain today, and if there are any traffic jams now. Sitting on the couch, you can say "It’s too hot", and robot will turn on air conditioner.

Interestingly, robot has its own particular behavioral model, character, it has game model - it can joke, and if you will call him names – robot will take offense. Also, the robot has its own "worldview", he is able to express his opinions, for example, about politics, women, God, religion. At the moment robot has about 150 functions. Within 3-5 years it will become a mass product. For blind or paralyzed people for whom the voice is the only opportunity to enter or receive information - this is very important invention," Yuriy Burov, company spokesman, presented his product.

Also test platform featured:
• free testing of augmented reality in new air touch service from Arealidea;
• presentation of application Nutrion-Progress; Fingo: how to sell the furniture through app;
• presentation of Bluetooth talking glove Hi-Call;
• demonstration of football stadium design in augmented reality;
• test drive of Oculus - augmented reality glasses;
• presentation of ARfriendly- augmented reality app for playgrounds and entertainment centers;
• testing the application with augmented reality to solve business problems in tourism, engineering, construction and retail by Spider Group;
• presentation of Healbe GoBe - fitness bracelet supporting iPhone, that can count calories, from Russian developers;
• draws of gadgets, sports wearable devices, promotions and prizes from the companies etc.

As a result of the lotttery it was Evgenia Soboleva, PR Director of PlayDisplay who won IHealth activity and sleep tracker from Medgatgets: "Just yesterday I threw my Jawbone in trash, and today I won iHealth from MedGadgets! PR activity and physical activity of PR Director of PlayDisplay must go on! MATE Spasibo! You hit the spot!"

Reflecting on MATE, it shall be noted that the exhibition has once again proved to be a high class event: organizers managed to find strong team of speakers, prepare interesting conference program and, of course, bring together the largest players and industry leaders in one exposure. In 2014, the show has become much bigger, more interactive and more modern!

We are grateful to all participants, visitors, speakers and partners for their work!

Details of Mobile Application & Technology Expo, photos and video from the exhibition and conference, reports and presentations of speakers can be found at t official website:



COMMENTS about the event:

Vladimir Zuev, MMSCO TEAM

I want to thank Smile Expo team for the excellent organized event! I especially want to note the high level of interaction with the exhibitors. For the next year we wish MATE warmer weather, venue closer to downtown, more equipment, wide media pool, crowds of visitors and crowds of speakers!

Olga Sbacheva

Many thanks to all Smile Expo team for this wonderful show, brilliant organization and positive atmosphere! Everything was at a very high level! Awaiting your upcoming shows! Wish you success and prosperity!

Nikolay Krupinkin, MobiAds

This year we see a noticeable increase in interest in mobile apps and especially in mobile advertising. We have established much more targeted contacts.

In the West mobile applications market have taken it rightful place long ago and it is working on a par with web version. All the largest players have long paid attention to this segment. The share of mobile market is constantly growing. "Socialization" of business is growing as well. In the West mobile segment has very high turnover. When it comes to Russia, we are getting late so far, unfortunately. While in technical terms some things we have are rather advanced and over perform their Western counterparts. Not to be "late", one shall attend such events as MATE and establish business communication.

MATE is a get-together where people are discovering new business models that emphasize something, spy somewhere, and negotiate with someone. I believe that MATE exhibition and conference are organized at high level enough to cope with all the tasks and goals of participants and visitors.